DIY is the New “In” Thing

DIY (or do It yourself) is a new activity enjoyed by toddlers, kids and adults where they redesign things or at times create new from the unused or raw! DIY is a wonderful method to use the best out of waste and to create something productive. The technique first began in North America and slowly got its followers almost everywhere. Creating DIY is now a source of income as well. There are a lot of bloggers that have indulged themselves in DIY or do it yourself technique and are earning from it as well.
Following are some crazy Do it yourself ideas that you could use to bring a makeover to your environment!

Dinosaur Mirrors

If you’re bored of your plain mirror and got some dinosaur toys left, this one can be a great deal for you. You would require dinosaur toys, glue gun, scotch tape and spray paint. Cover the reflecting part of the mirror using scotch tape. Make sure not even slightest of the gap is left. After that, use glue gun to stick the dinosaur toys on the border of the mirror. Avoid the reflecting area covered by the scotch tape. This would be followed by using spray paints to paint the entire surface. Make sure to paint in the minor corners and cover the entire portion. Once dried, remove the scotch tape and you’re ready with your all new mirror!


Door Mat Using Wine Cork

If you are the kind of person who would require door mats outside the bathing tub, then this is the right DIY for you. A wonderful method to utilize the wine cork is to create door mat out of it. It absorbs water quick and is non slippery. You would require the base of the door mat, some wine corks and glue gun. Boil the wine cork for 10-15 minutes. The boiling makes the cork soft. Bring it to room temperature, once cooled cut the pieces into half. Using a glue gun, stick the pieces on to the mat base with their hemispherical side up. Let it dry and you just created your very own door mat! You could even enhance it by making some patterns or writing your initials on them. The choice is absolutely yours because its do it yourself!

DIY Baskets

Keeping jewelry can be a tough task. You can make your own personalized DIY basket to keep in place now. You would require some balloons, buttons of different colors and sizes, glue and water mix, and a thick brush. Start by inflating the balloon. Using glue and water mixture, stick buttons in a matter that they cover the half of the balloon. Allow it to dry. After checking if it is dried, burst the balloon with the help of any sharp object and carefully pull out the balloon piece. Apply the glue and gun mixture once more on the inside and let it dry. You just made your own DIY basket. The basket can be used to keep jewelry, stationery and paper clips which usually are difficult to trace!

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