Perfect DIY ideas to Decorate your Home

Having a home is necessity, but having a beautiful home is choice. A home can be beautiful not just by spending huge bucks but by adding your creative touch to the place. DIY or do it yourself is an excellent way to bring out your creativeness and for home improvement. A little effort here and there can add so much to your place that it would look entirely like a new place. Decorating your home gives a personal touch to the space thereby making the decor speak for your taste! It also reduces the cost since the very same item available from the market could cost you more because it undergoes numerous taxations. You could even get your friends to work along with you, making it a fun thing!

Here are some quick DIY ideas you could adapt to enhance!

DIY Tire chair

What you need?

  • Old tire
  • Two circular wooden planks of tire’s circumference
  • Rope
  • Drilling machine and screws
  • Glue gun
  1. Using drilling machine and screws fix the circular wooden planks onto the tire so that the structure is closed.
  2. Use the jute rope to cover the entire structure in a circular area, or in any form you wish to.
  3. If you want spray paint the structure, or to give a raw look just place it like the way next to your coffee table! Your guests would appreciate your very own tire chair!

You can also attach foam mats to make them more comfortable!



Pom pom mats

Another wonderful technique when it comes to home improvement is constructing personalised pom pom mats. You can match the colour of your mat with the colour of the wall or with the furniture of the room.

What you need?

Mat base, wool balls of different colours, scissors, glue gun

  1. Use your fingers to make different colour pom poms.
  2. Once ready, paste them on a mat base according to your favourite pattern and colours.
  3. Once ready, put it near your bed or the door of your balcony to give your room a cozy look!

Personalized bathroom holder

You no longer require cabinets for your personal stuff in bathroom. Bathroom Cabinets can be awesome (or boring) and can take more space than the actual required. A DIY holder can be a great use especially when you have lots of cosmetics items piled up.

What you need?

  • Wooden strip
  • Glass jar sans lid
  • Glue gun
  1. Spray paint the wooden strip of a color that suits the walls and fittings.
  2. Using glue gun fix the glass jars at appropriate space along the length of the strip.
  3. Voila! You’re ready

Remember not to stuff it up and add light materials to it like cotton pads, make up brushes, cotton balls and tissues.

Home improvement can be a tedious task if not done properly. Utilize the time properly to ensure that the piece you are working on comes out beautifully and most importantly has absolute clean finishing. Remember its only the time that goes into making it, but everything comes out wonderfully.

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